This year I have decided to focus on fostering my learning by practical courses for advancing my knowledge in neuroscience, ophthalmology, research and related fields;

Initially, between 1.11 – 06.12.2017 I have participated in Matlab course, by Bernstein Center for Computational Neurosciences (BCCN) for 18 hours that was concluded by a project.

I followed that by “Properties of the calcium signal in ocular cell types. Transient Receptor Potential channels:Relevant for the clinic?”, The course ended with my participation with me presenting an article in a journal club, 17.01-21.02.2018. In parallel, I have participated in Introduction to Deep Learning course, between 16.01 – 20.02.2018 by Michelle Livne and Tabea Kossen. Between 13 – 16.06.2018 I have attended BIH course “Training on handling and maintenance of human pluripotent Stem Cells“, then Functional Neuroanatomy course, by Wil J A J Smeets PhD, VU University Medical Center, between 25-29.06.2018

To maximize my understanding about regulatoryaffairs in research I have participated in GxP intensive course; in the period between 10.-14.09.2018, including GMP (GoodManufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GCP (Good ClinicalPractice) und GVP (Good Pharmacovigilance Practice).

For improving my reviewing skills, I am also participating in the Journal of Clinical Cancer Informatics / Publons course: Reviewer Publons Academy for the last six months.

As part of my belief in importance of open data to community I have participated in events that: FENS How reproducible are your data? By Bundesinstitut Für Risikobewertung

6 July 2018 and workshop: Practical Approaches to Research Data management and Reproducibility (Michael Denker, Thomas Wachtler) 25-26. Sep 2018 in Bernstein Conference.

Moreover, I worked on improving my technical skills by joining the courses; Advanced Cell Culture between 8- 9 and Immunocytochemistry and living cell markers between 16-17.10.

Improving my technical German language, I have participated between 15.02. and 01.05.2018 in Fachsprachprüfung Vorbereitungskurs by Charite International Academy. I have finished the course successfully and passed the Fachsprachprüfung by Berlin Ärztekammer successfully on 02.05.2018.