Ahmad Samir Alfaar

Educational projects

Project manager and contributor of;

CBT: Course director, Instructional designer and Multimedia Director of :

  • Parasitology CD whole curriculum + virtual reality museum and life cycles. Completed Under supervision of Prof. Olfat Almatrawy, The Head of Department
  • Pathology CD Museum and Slides Completed Under supervision of Prof. Ali Hendawy
  • Surgery CD VR models and XRays ; 90 VR models 95% completed Under supervision of Prof. Amr Mohsen
  • Gynecology Museum CD; VR museum and Instruments; 250 VR models, in the Debugging phase Under supervision of Prof. Mohamad Almeligui and Prof. Mahmoud Salem

Non-completed Projects;

  • Forensic Museum; 80 VR models
  • Anatomy Museum; 300 VR models
  • Pathology Museum; v.2 (500 VR models)


  • Complete Blood Picture Analysis, Cairo University; Course manager, multimedia director, course engineer, and developer
  • Medical Ethics, Foundation Courses, Egyptian Fellowship Program, Ministry of Health, 2008-2010
  • Evidence Based Medicine; Course manager
  • Simulations (Coordination): – Click on the link and wait ..

Designs: Books covers, websites, posters, newsletters and others for Medical Education Development Center – MEDC between 2002-2007

Download the CDs now (.iso files):

Note: These CDs were compliant with Windows XP, and were not tested on other operating systems. If it didn’t work with you try to install it on Windows XP under virtual machines.


Assisted in the publishing of:

Multiple Choice Questions and Quick Review of Surgery: Fourth Edition (English Edition) by [Mohsen, Amr, ElBishry, Ahmed]

Multiple Choice Questions and Quick Review of Surgery:

Fourth Edition

(English Edition) Kindle Edition
by Amr Mohsen, Ahmed ElBishry

on Amazon

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by M. Fawzi Gaballah, Zaizafon H. Badawy


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Pathology Museum

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