Ahmed Samir Alfaar (a.k.a Ahmad Samir) is a scientist looking for integrating different areas of science by building bridges between what became isolated islands of science. He is learning the languages of different fields to facilitate -for scientists from different disciplines – crossing the borders to the other sites. Ahmad was born in Damietta, Egypt in 1982, started his early education in the deserts of Saudi Arabia then Moved to Damietta to complete his basic education. He developed during these years his interest in biology, mathematics, computer and medicine. He moved to Cairo in 1999 to study medicine in Cairo University (Kasr Al-Ainy). After two years, he proposed and developed Kasr Al-Ainy Website, and initiated the Web-development unit in Kasr Al-Ainy . From 2001 to 2009, Ahmad kept his position as the manager of Kasr Al-Ainy website beside his studies as medical student, then as intern, then as a resident. He formed a team of medical students in 2003 that developed many eLearning (including virtual reality) Programs till 2008. Ahmad shared in the establishment of Learning Resource Center (LRC) of Kasr Al-Ainy between 2005-2008. Meanwhile, he chose to get trained as ophthalmologist in the the Ophthalmology Department, Kasr AlAiny.  In 2008, Ahmad shared with 8 of his colleagues initiating the Research Department at Children Cancer. By 2009, Ahmad with his colleagues  established their company for developing medical eLearning Programs, Moriat , and for helping the Egyptian and Arab medical societies to develop their electronic infrastructure.  Realizing his vision for building bridges between sciences, in parallel, he started studying Medical and Biomedical Informatics at Helwan University, Masters of Ophthalmology at Cairo University and Certificate of Clinical Research at Harvard University. In the context of his work in Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 – Egypt he developed many research education programs to disseminate the research passion to the medical society especially to the new generations. Besides, He specialized in the research of pediatric ocular and renal tumors. In 2014, he moved to Germany to complete his Master of Science studies in Advanced Oncology and Computational Biology at Ulm University, Supported by scholarships from Misr Elkhir Foundation, European Association of Cancer Research, Ruth-und-Adolf-Merckle Foundation and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). He received extended support from DAAD to continue his doctorate degree in Charité Medical University Berlin. Ahmad formulated his aims from his doctorate degree to be advancing his technical biological, interpretation and computational skills. Ahmad finished his first doctorate degree (Dr. med.) in 2018 in the field of ocular oncology and started PhD in Neuroscience in 2017 for studying Calcium ions and Calcium channels activity in ocular genetic eye diseases. Between 2011 and 2018, He has published 24 full-text papers beside over 35 conference presentations. Ahmed believes in helping people to achieve and realize their dreams beside.